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Image by Jake Weirick
Shooting Star

Geminid Meteor Shower Cruises!
We are monitoring the weather and will post updates here. Everyone will also receive an email a day or two before to confirm the weather and send any final details. Please check Back.

Shooting Star
Boat Milky Way.jpg

From the top deck of the boat the astronomer will use the intercom system and light pointer to guide you through the constellations, planets, giant red stars, nebula, star clusters and even galaxies!

We cruise out during the Geminid Meteor Shower! There is nothing more exhilarating than being out under the stars while meteors are streaking across the sky! The cruises are both fun and educational.

Friends stargaze on a starry night with the Milky Way visible.jpg
Meteor and stars.jpg

Our 2023 Geminid Cruises are December 13 & 14 during the peak of the meteor shower!

(December 14 - Sold Out)

The cruises are from 7 pm to 9:30 pm.


choose your date when you purchase your tickets.





The boats cruise away from the lights to the wide-open sky for an amazing astronomy experience!

  • If the date of your cruise is cancelled due to rain, you can use them on the next available meteor shower or stargazing cruise.

  • The boats depart from: Port Canaveral, Florida and Riviera Beach, Florida.

  • Arrive by 6:30 pm to start boarding. The boat departs at 7 pm.

  • Ample free parking directly adjacent to the boat. The boat sells beer wine and snacks. Dress for a cool evening.

  • The boat is a large Coast Guard certified commercial vessel with large open decks for viewing.

  • The day before the cruise you will receive and email to confirm the weather and send any final details. 

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