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Image by Jake Weirick
Shooting Star

CT Astronomy Events!

Tickets available today. Grab yours!

Shooting Star
Laser pointing to the stars.jpg

Sit back with your family or friends and enjoy the star filled sky as the astronomer guides you through the constellations and stars!

We provide astronomical binoculars so you can view amazing things directly!

Our 2023 season is select dates from June through October.

You will see and learn about constellations, nebula, star clusters, galaxies, giant red stars, planets and the Milky Way Galaxy!

  • Tickets are not date specific. You can buy tickets now and make reservations later.

  • If the date of your reservation is too cloudy, you can simply make reservations for another evening.

  • Bring your beach or camp chairs to relax under the stars during the program.

  • Start times are different throughout the season. The astronomy program is about one  hour. Most of our programs will have the vineyard wine tasting room open before the astronomy program begins.

  • Reservations are required. Click on the Make reservations button below.

  • Our programs are located in Scotland, CT (also called Windham) and other local areas.

Image by Nathan Anderson
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