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Image by Jake Weirick
Shooting Star

MA Stargazing Cruises!

Only 9 half-price tickets remaining. These make great gifts for the holiday season. Grab yours!

Shooting Star

From the top deck of the boat the astronomer will use the intercom system and light pointer to guide you through the constellations, planets, giant red stars, nebula, star clusters and even galaxies!

Nearly every cruise will have meteors streaking across the sky! The cruises are both fun and educational.

Friends stargaze on a starry night with the Milky Way visible.jpg
Camping in the mountains on a winter night with starry sky and beautiful Milky Way and sea

Our season is June through September on weekend & weeknight evenings.


The cruises are from 9 pm to 11:30 pm In June & July


The cruises are from 8:00 pm to 10:30 pm In August & September





The boats cruise out into the ocean away from all the lights for an amazing astronomy experience!

Laser pointing to the stars.jpg
  • Tickets are not date specific. Tickets do not expire. If you are unable to use them this year, you are welcome to use them next year.

  • If the date of your reservation is too cloudy, you can simply make reservations for another evening!

  • Tickets are valid at any location. 

  • The boats depart from 415 Main St, Gloucester, MA.

  • Ample free parking, directly adjacent to the boat. The boat sells beer wine and snacks. Dress for a cool evening.

  • Reservations are required. Click on the reservation button below. 

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