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Shooting Star

2024 Total Solar Eclipse!
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We have only 6 spaces remaining. Grab your tickets today!

Shooting Star
Solar Eclipse

Join us on this once in a lifetime opportunity! The eclipse is on April 8th, 2024. This is an astronomer guided bus trip.


Most people are going to one location, but nobody knows where the clouds will be, so our buses will travel to clear skies and have access to the total path of totality, thereby maximizing your chances of experiencing this incredible event!

Friends stargaze on a starry night with the Milky Way visible.jpg

We will provide certified viewing equipment such as projectors and eclipse viewing glasses to safely view the event!


This is the only tour that will give you access to the entire path of totality from Texas to Maine!


The great American Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 will be an amazing once in a lifetime event!

Our luxury buses provide comfortable seating, wi-fi and bathrooms!

Path of Totality.jpg
  • Bus pickup location is Kennesaw, Georgia at 9 am Sunday April 7, 2024. You can park and leave your vehicle at this location. The address is on your ticket.

  • The total cost is $295 per person. This includes the bus, equipment and astronomer.

  • The entire trip is Sunday April 7, 2024 to Tuesday April 9, 2024. The bus will return to Kennesaw.

  • The first day is traveling toward the location with the clearest skies.

  • All the hotels will be booked within the path of totality, so we will find our hotel 2 hours outside the path of totality and drive in to the path of totality on the morning of the eclipse. The hotel location will be determined on Saturday April 6, 2024 after we review the weather forecast for the location of clear skies and this information will be posted on this webpage.

  • A deposit of $95 per person is required. Final payment is due by November 1, 2023. Depending on the weather, our destination will be Texas, or Maine or anywhere in between.

Image by Nathan Anderson
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